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So, this is the gayest thing I have ever posted on tumblr.  Which is kind of saying something. 

I present to you:

A piano mashup, featuring a song by One Direction (that was written by Kelly Clarkson) and another song by Lady Gaga, that was all brought about because of a tumblr post from Tyler Oakley.

(please excuse a couple finger trip ups, this was very impromptu and without any sheets)

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Lady Gaga - 2009 - Paparazzi

Hands down, best live performance I’ve ever witnessed.

This was the exact moment I realized that Lady Gaga was going to be a really big deal.

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This guy’s an idiot.

  1. Lady Gaga’s bisexual, so yes, she is included in LGBTQ pride. It’s not just about lesbians and gays, it’s about everyone coming together.
  2. For lack of a better expression - if you bite the hand that feeds you enough, you’ll stop getting fed. Why do so many people, no matter what they’re fighting for, try to discredit and resist help from high profile individuals? If you keep telling someone who walks the walk and talks the talk to fuck off, eventually, they will.
  3. “She’s not even pretty” - umm, are you fucking kidding me? That’s what you base who can support the gay rights movement on? Fuck you.
  4. How can Kelly Rowland be the true gay icon if she’s not a part of the LGBTQ community, if your definition says that a gay icon must be? Again, you’re an idiot.
  5. “You’re a straight, white, woman - you don’t know shit about getting bullied.” Ummm, the feminist movement is a huge part of human rights in the United States. Learn your history before you criticize an entire gender.
  6. Does someone need to be like you to defend you? Are you saying that white people shouldn’t have defended black people during slavery? Are you saying that men shouldn’t have supported women’s suffrage? I’m not female, black or muslim, but I stand up against anyone who is bullied for being any of those things - is that wrong of me?

Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean you speak for me - so don’t think that just because someone’s filming you means that you are the voice of the gay pride parade. Idiot.

7.  He also doesn’t know his pop songs, because he just attributed songs by Katy Perry and Ke$ha to Lady Gaga.

8. Just re-iterating…Kelly Rowland?  KELLY ROWLAND?  Kelly Rowland is your one true gay icon over Liza, Barbara, Bette, Cher, Dolly, Janet, Kylie, Gaga, or BEYONCE?

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